Product Overview

My Notes is a solution to use HCL IBM Lotus Notes applications on your iPhone or Android.

Note: My Notes Dekstop application should be always up and running on your workstation with IBM Lotus Notes client.

How it works

  • To make it possible for you to work with HCL Notes apps on your mobile, My Notes app is connected to My Notes Desktop on your computer, which in its turn works with data provided by IBM Notes client installed on your computer. So, My Notes Desktop is responsible for secure data transmission between your Notes client and mobile app, and for sending push notifications. My Notes Desktop should be up and running on your computer.
  • My Notes app is connecting directly to your computer when in the same local Wi-Fi network as your computer. When your phone is online via a cellular network or external Wi-Fi network, My Notes app is connecting to your computer with My Notes Desktop via My Notes Service, which includes cloud of servers in different parts of the world. The closest server is chosen for connection to ensure maximum speed.

Architecture Overview

My Notes - Direct Connection My Notes - Connection via Cloud

Supported Notes applications

My Notes currently supports the following Notes applications:

  • Mail and Calendar applications, including personal and other mail databases.
  • Contacts, including personal contacts, iNotes contacts, and Public Directories.
  • Notebook / Journal, including local and server databases.
  • Discussion / Forum, Document Library and TeamRoom are coming soon.

Quick start guide

To start using My Notes, you need to:

  1. 1Install My Notes Desktop on your computer. Then run it and go through Setup Wizard to configure connection to IBM Notes.
  2. 2Get My Notes app for your Android or iPhone;
  3. 3Launch the mobile app to scan QR code from your desktop.

Voilà, your app is now connected. Simple, isn’t it? You can check our video and read more details about setup process in My Notes Setup Guide.


We did all possible to ensure that connection between your My Notes app and Desktop is securely protected. Here are the measures that we’ve taken:

  • Communication between mobile app and desktop is strongly encrypted with AES algorithm, whether it is direct connection over Wi-Fi or connection via My Notes Service. Mind using secure pairing password in My Notes Desktop settings to ensure stronger protection.
  • No Notes data and no encryption keys are stored by My Notes Service. None. Nothing at all. There is nothing to steal from our servers. Encryption keys are known to the communicating parties - your mobile Mo Notes app and My Notes Desktop. You can check this because My Notes Service is open source project which is available on GitHub.
  • It is possible to enable password in the app to prevent it from unauthorized use.
  • QR code in My Notes Desktop, which contains Customer ID and pairing password, can be protected in application settings. In this case Notes ID password will be requested before QR code is displayed to ensure no one can connect unauthorized device.

To resume, make sure you use regular precautions to protect your computer and your mobile phone from strangers, and you should be safe.


You can start using My Notes absolutely free of charge with all functions available when your phone is connected directly via Wi-Fi network to your computer with IBM Notes installed.

If you wish to use My Notes over the Internet connection, such as cellular network or public Wi-Fi, you have to purchase a subscription to connect via My Notes Service. These subscriptions are available via in-app purchase right in My Notes apps for Android and iPhone. For more details about subscription, please visit the pricing page.

My Notes for Business

If you want to use My Notes in an organization, you can install as many My Notes copies and mobile apps as needed, purchasing subscription for those users who need to use their IBM Notes app online from external networks. But we have special offer for organizations, including:

  • Custom bundle subscription pricing.
  • Ability to install My Notes Service on your site if required, so that your employees are connected via your servers only. We will even give you the source code of the service if your security experts want to review that it’s secure to use.

Please contact us for more details.